How to achieve your goals in 2015

Goals_2015The time has arrived. It is the new year and time to set those desired goals for 2015. To lose that extra 10 kilos or to increase your list of clients by 10 percent — high achievers set goals. But did you reach your goals in 2014? If you did or did not, do you know why? We have all discovered that setting goals is the easy part. However, keeping the motivation and desire to attain those goals can be elusive.

Adherence to your goals is the glue that never seems to stick. Here are Five easy key steps to develop a program so that you will attain your goals for 2015:

1. Think about what worked this year.
That is, what you enjoyed, what enriched your life, what you want more of in 2015. Goal-setting doesn’t have to be about creating a New You every 12 months, and in fact it works better when it’s cumulative. Take some time to revisit your goals for past years, examine the successful (even semi-successful!) ones and think about how you can continue to build on them.

2. Limit your goals.
If you think about it, it’s the perfect number for anything: enough so that you’re challenging yourself, not so many that you’re overwhelmed. You may prefer two goals, or ten, but the important thing is to have a reasonable, achievable number.

3. Divide your life into categories, and think of a single intention for each area.
For instance, you might consider categories like home (goal: finally find some art for the landing wall), relationships (goal: meet up with friends whom you have not seen in a while) and career (goal: compile monthly reports in advance and not the day before).

4. Ask yourself “Why?”
So maybe you want to run a marathon this year. Or buy your first home. Great goals! But why do you want to do those things? What feeling will they help you achieve, or value that you hold dear do they support? Being honest on why we want things helps us clarify if in fact we do want them, or if something else will help us achieve the desired outcome (maybe a half-marathon will give you the same sense of fulfilment, or a lease with a landlord who’s okay with some DIY?) It’s also good to know that we’re focusing on targets that will truly make us happier.

5. Practice gratitude.
Speaking of happy, it seems easy to avoid these days, especially in the arena of goal-setting. As soon as we’ve achieved something, we’re after bigger and better ambitions. Taking time to appreciate what we do have and have achieved makes future goal-reaching all the sweeter.

Article from Indwe Risk Services

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