Rietmark supports Small Business Friday – every day!

Friday 7 September has been designated the symbolic day when consumers, government and big corporates will support small business in South Africa. The idea behind Small Business Friday originated in the USA, in November 2010, as Small Business Saturday. It was an initiative to encourage shoppers to support real brick and mortar small and local businesses, instead of the large shopping malls and e-commerce online shops.

In just two years, Small Business Saturday grew into a coalition of hundreds of small business advocacy groups that annually recognise the role small businesses play in fuelling the economy. Importantly, it encourages consumers to help strengthen their local communities by supporting local small businesses, retailers and restaurants. This movement did not take long to roll over to South Africa, and we can now celebrate Small Business Friday, thanks to Nedbank and the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).

There is nothing small about the impact small businesses have on a country’s economy. South Africa has thousands of small businesses – so many that they contribute over half of the country’s gross domestic product and employ two-thirds of all South African workers. This means that, the more support they receive, the more people they can employ, and the more successful South Africa will be.

Now that is something that all of us at Rietmark can identify with. Since Rietmark’s inception in 1997, one of it’s main objectives was the support of home based and small businesses in our local communities. If you look at the front page of the first Rietmark, printed 15 years ago, our slogan was “Local is Lekker”. With the monthly Rietmark booklet you get the opportunity to know your neighbourhood, and all the local businesses and services.

Thus Rietmark support this initiative wholeheartedly. We would like all of you to support small local businesses and ensure that we build sustainable communities all over the country. But it should be sustained over a longer period than one Friday in a year – let’s make every Friday a “Support Small Business Friday”. Chances are that you will be so happy with the service you receive and the new friends you make, that you will turn it around to a Small Business Day – every day!

How do you know where to find these businesses? Simply page through the latest printed issue of Rietmark – distributed monthly to 80 000 post boxes and homes in Pretoria and Centurion. Or go to the Rietmark website and flip through the latest online flip-page version of Rietmark.

We want to encourage everyone to vote for small business

with their HEARTS, by supporting a small business with their time or knowledge;
with their FEET, by visiting a small business in their area; and
with their WALLETS, by spending at a small business in their area and community.

Play your part, support our Rietmark advertisers and grow the economy!

About Rietmark

Rietmark was established in 1997 to assist small and home businesses with the marketing of their business or service. Every month 80 000 advertising booklets are printed and distributed in Pretoria Moot, North, East and Centurion. We also offer design and printing services - business cards, flyers, car magnets, banners, chromadek sign boards, posters, vinyl stickers and more! www.rietmark.co.za.
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