The value of having goals

A life without goals is imponderable. You must always have something worthwhile to aim at, to look forward to. Like an archer, you must have a target to aim at. Remember this: if you aim at nothing, you will be certain to hit it!

Goals direct your efforts. They show you how far you have come and how far you still have to go. They exert an almost magnetic pull on you and keep you from straying from your planned course. Goals give direction to your dreams and are the only sure way to success.

Success is the progressive realisation of personal, worthwhile goals, according to Paul J Meyer, the founder of the Success Motivation Institute. The word success can be used in a singular context when it refers to the realisation of a single goal. It can also be used in a cumulative context when it applies to a number of, or a series of goals that had been reached.

You must realise that success does not only come at the end of your life, when you have reached all your goals. It’s not like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There are many goals and successes on your way to the pot of gold. Focus on and attend to the small goals and the small successes, and the bigger ones will follow by themselves.

A goal or ideal can often look really big and unreachable, even daunting. It’s like a child who enters secondary school at grade 8 level. He looks ahead and sees matriculants with their loads of books that they can hardly carry. The thought that he must one day master all that knowledge and information may frighten him. He might forget that his immediate challenge is only to pass grade 8. It is even easier than that. He must prepare himself to pass the first term. Still easier: he must prepare himself to pass the first test or tests that he will be writing. The well-known motivator, Dale Carnegie, said you must condense your tasks into day-tight compartments. Chunk it into chewable chunks. Do the things that are now relevant. Don’t fret about the problems of tomorrow. Focus on your immediate goals.

An essential thing about goals is that it must be crystallised. A very successful estate agent had the habit of writing his goals for selling so many properties per month or per week on sheets of paper. He wrote his goals in bold letters on these papers. It indicated how many properties he wanted to sell by certain specified dates. Then he pasted these papers in different places on the walls in his house, some even in the lounge. His wife complained about this, but she didn’t complain when he actually reached his goals and the money came in droves. This man crystallised his thinking about his goals, he formulated his goals, he set target dates and he consistently reminded himself of his goals by looking at them so many times every day. A crystallised goal is a desire that has been crystallised into a goal with a target date and an action plan.

And ultimately, if you believe that you can reach your goals, you will become motivated and develop a passion to reach your goals!

Author: Dr Ben Cronje

Dr. Ben Cronje is a Franchise Consultant and can assist any business person to franchise his/her business. He is co-author of a practical guide for franchisors. He also assesses business and management skills of aspiring franchisees and business managers and is experienced in drawing up business plans and doing strategic planning.


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