Credo for a manager

As an owner or manager of a business I expect much of my personnel. I go to extremes to have them vetted and assessed and I expect of them to do the work that they are supposed to do. But what could they rightfully expect of me as the owner or manager? If I should be vetted and assessed, would I pass the test?

A manager should give this some thought and could then possibly come forward with a credo such as the following for himself:

* I am a motivated person, with passion for my business and ideals.
* I am disciplined and I have developed good work and success habits.
* I am goals directed with clear written goals with target dates and action steps.
* I have regular planning sessions in which I involve my personnel.
* I am pro-active and do not wait to react to occurrences out of my control.
* I have regular, structured meetings with agendas, minutes and follow-up procedures.
* I am always prepared for meetings and expect the same of my personnel.
* I am not afraid of delegating responsibilities, but I diligently apply reporting and control measures.
* I am consistent in my interaction with my personnel and do not allow mood swings to influence my actions.
* I do not procrastinate and leave my personnel in uncertainty regarding matters where clear decisions are required.
* I have respect for each personnel member and know that only then can I expect them to respect me.
* I am always friendly and courteous towards my personnel and clients and in doing so I create a pleasant atmosphere and environment in the workplace.
* I am always fair in my treatment of my personnel and in doing so I earn their trust and respect.
* I always deliver on my promises.
* I acknowledge the talents and commitment of my personnel and give them due recognition for work well done.
* I create space for individual talents and competencies of my personnel.
* I show interest in the personal lives of my personnel and show that I care for them.
* I am a team worker and do not indulge in egotistical traits such as I, me and myself.
* I see to it that our business has clear goals and that there are clear job descriptions and policies in place.
* I ensure that my personnel are well trained and able to do what is expected of them.
* I have an updated operations and procedures manual in place and expect my personnel to abide by its guidelines and directives.
* I set the example for my personnel by being punctual and adhering to work hours.
* I believe in myself, our business and my personnel and in our ability to enjoy collective success.
* I want our business not to be good but to be great.

These goals can be achieved by being satisfied with only the highest quality products and services – and last but not least, by good management!

Author: Dr Ben Cronje

Dr. Ben Cronje is a Franchise Consultant and can assist any business person to franchise his/her business. He is co-author of a practical guide for franchisors. He also assesses business and management skills of aspiring franchisees and business managers and is experienced in drawing up business plans and doing strategic planning.


About Rietmark

Rietmark was established in 1997 to assist small and home businesses with the marketing of their business or service. Every month 80 000 advertising booklets are printed and distributed in Pretoria Moot, North, East and Centurion. We also offer design and printing services - business cards, flyers, car magnets, banners, chromadek sign boards, posters, vinyl stickers and more!
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2 Responses to Credo for a manager

  1. Ada says:

    Dit is nogal iets wat meeste firmas by jou kan leer Miemie!!

  2. Rietmark says:

    Baie dankie Ada – ek waardeer die kompliment!

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