How to balance work and family

Business success often has a knock-on effect on our families. Here’s how to find balance between your professional and personal life.

1. Keep work and family separate.
While business keeps you busy and provides you with income, your family keeps you grounded. This is incredibly important because as much as you want to think it, you’re not a machine and you need rest and time to recover from time. By taking a break from work (that means not taking work home after your leave), you won’t burn out as easily. Chances are your refreshed mind will operate better and solve problems far easier when you are at work.

2. Set boundaries.
Make sure that home gets attention when you’re at home and work is your focus when you’re in the office. This lets you focus on what’s important at a particular time so that you’re not cheating on the other. Again, this allows you time to rest and recover or dedicate yourself 100 percent to the task at hand.

3. Draw up a schedule that accommodates work and home life.
By doing this, you’ll be able to move clashes around and give the best to both worlds. Chat to your boss or colleagues if there is an issue that can’t be overcome and figure out a way to work around it, even if it’s staying a little later or coming in earlier. It’s important not to let the ball drop either.

4. Don’t feel guilty.
Sometimes, one needs a bit more attention than the other on the odd occasion. You just can’t avoid family life or work if either need you more than the other. As a parent, partner and business professional, you’ll need to make the call on what to do.

Family and work go hand in hand. Striking the right balance will help you grow in both spheres of your life. You will learn to prioritise, organise and manage your commitments far easier. You will also learn to get your objectives done on time and properly, whether it’s changing a nappy or making a presentation to prospective clients.

By Craig Falck for Africa Report

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