Are you a mover in the business world?

It’s time to see if you’re living your dream or if you’ve fallen off the rails as an entrepreneur.

Just because you’ve started your own business doesn’t mean that you’re an entrepreneur. The problem today is that most business owners do just that – they stick “entrepreneur” everywhere on their titles, their business cards, their websites… and they’re not. An entrepreneur is someone who had an idea and took his or her opportunities and chances to live their dream. An entrepreneur is someone who isn’t afraid to work to make things happen.

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners start off with stars in their eyes, with big dreams and hopes that they will become successful in their industries. However, they forget that it’s hard work and they fall into the trap of “if I’m patient, business will come to me”. This is never the case. You need to put in long hours, blood and sweat, and you need to constantly be working to be better. Basically, you cannot sit still – you need to be on the move and on the ball all the time. Sure, you’ll get tired, but your body rests. Your business is a growing organism that needs constant attention, so give it to it.

If you fall into the dangerous trap of expecting everyone to come to you, you’ll be surpassed by an entrepreneur who has the will, drive and determination to be better and get ahead. The business world is like a piranha tank, it’s like the wilds of Africa… it’s a place where the fittest survive and if you’re not doing the eating, you’re being eaten.

In order to be a mover in your industry, you need tools that will help you. Do research, use surveys and other published information that you will find online, speak to clients to find out new information from them, stay in touch with overseas trends by travelling overseas or constant web trawling, adapt to changes in the environment, spot trends before others… Basically, do everything you can to stay ahead of your competition.

If you sit still for too long, you’re going to be overtaken by the competition. The difference between the movers and the losers in the business world is that movers are the entrepreneurs who have the drive to be the best and they won’t rest on their laurels… they will move heaven and earth to get to the top and stay there.

…So, what kind of entrepreneur are you?

By Craig Falck for Africa Report

About Rietmark

Rietmark was established in 1997 to assist small and home businesses with the marketing of their business or service. Every month 80 000 advertising booklets are printed and distributed in Pretoria Moot, North, East and Centurion. We also offer design and printing services - business cards, flyers, car magnets, banners, chromadek sign boards, posters, vinyl stickers and more!
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