Selling to different personalities

If you study the many different personality types, it makes getting the deal a lot easier when you understand and can identify with who you are talking to. It’s been researched and written that we are all divided into sixteen minor categories and can be fitted into four major ones. Network marketers, psychologists, and therapists all study the human psyche to see who we are, what motivates us and makes us tick. So read down, look over the different personality types and see if you can determine who you are, and where your different clients fits in.

Once you study the Red personality, you will see someone that’s a go-getter, they might have four phones on their desk and again, they are money motivated. If you start your sales presentation with small talk, you will immediately lose their attention. Red’s love contest for money, cars, trips or anything that gives them a real challenge. These people are can do, goal oriented, direct, and fast paced types of people. With their dominating personality, they can easily control a conversation, situation or even a friendship. This type personality makes up twenty five percent of the population.

Let’s take a look at the Blue personality type and you will find this segment of people love fun. If you talk to them about a homebased business, you better emphasize the fun and comradery that goes on inside the business. These people love to be the center of attention; they may wear loud colored clothes like a Hawaiian shirt. They tend to be somewhat disorganized and completely overlook details, plus they make their decisions based on feeling as opposed to facts. If you want them into your program, you better talk about the fun that they are going to have. They have optimistic personalities, are full of enthusiasm, and tend to be social butterflies. If they have a Face Book account, you can believe they have at least a thousand friends added to their list.

Coming to the Green personality type is probably a sales person’s biggest challenge because most sales people aren’t detail oriented and Green personalities love details. They tend to be engineers, draftsman, and just about any position that requires an analytical mind. When you meet one of these people be prepared to go into details and maybe make a list of the ingredients of what’s in your product. This personality type is more slow paced, and somewhat task oriented and they love details. They are very careful and interested in doing things right the first time so they tend to work slowly on things just to insure that it’s done correctly. The downside is they tend to make decisions slowly because they want things to be perfect before they decide to get started.

The last type is called the Yellow personality, and you’ll find these people to be very laid back. This group of people likes to chat before you get down to business, talk about you and they just want to get to know you better. Grab a cup of coffee and plan to move slow. Yellows do tend to be loyal once they decide to join your program and they love the idea of sponsoring and helping new people get started too. This group of people tend to be teacher’s, veterinarian’s, social worker’s, or any profession where they feel like they are helping man kind and feel they are making a difference. These people tend to be great listeners and have a very agreeable personality. Their downside is indecisiveness so you have to move them along in order to get a decision.

When you’re in sales, it’s imperative that you have an understanding of the different personality types so you’ll know that what works for one personality type may not work with another. Remember, you have to mimic the prospect in order to build a relationship with that personality type, people only do business with someone that they know, like and trust.

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