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Adopt the Ant Philosophy

When last did you have a good look at ants? Read more about ants never giving up, looking ahead, staying positive and doing all they can! Continue reading

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Six ways to find new customers

We’re at the end of one of the biggest recessions of the last century, and Rietmark feels lucky to be one of the businesses that survived the crunch. But really, it wasn’t luck, but hard work, customer loyalty, out-of-the-box thinking, general cost cutting and grace that brought us here. Fortunately all the signs are there for a brighter future from 2011, so now is the time to actively make plans to grow your business. Business owners can still try to grow their businesses by cutting costs, but that will only works up to a point. You will achieve better long-term results by growing your client base – read here for six ways to find new customers.
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The Rietmark story started with a bottle of honey

The story of Rietmark started with a bottle of honey, quite a few years before the first printed copy of Rietmark in November 1997. It was the year 1992 and with 2 of my 3 kids already born, I was … Continue reading

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6 ways to write an advert to make money

    The reason businesses spend money on advertising, is to make more money. Not getting any returns on your advertising investment will result in you losing faith in your marketing efforts. And even to stop advertising altogether. Read here … Continue reading

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